Gail Erwin, Artist, Alternative Photography, Cyanotype, Printmaking, Papermaking, Erwinarts, Maynard, ArtSpace, Kingston Gallery


Artist Statement

Over the last several years, I have explored nature and landscape in distinct but related bodies of work.  My ‘landscape variations’ looks at the mystery and allure of nature; its patterns, rhythms and harmony.  Energy and dissipation, growth and regeneration are the forces that shape the natural world, creating tension and duality. Time, age and memory are reflected in image and process.

The process combines twenty first century technology and 19th century photographic techniques, creating new, unpredictable images, and transforming the original digital photograph.

In one series actual leaves found on the land are used to create image and texture.  Combined with other elements, the images become map-like, or resemble aerial photographs—the point where landscape and map merge.  Or perhaps they are micro-organisms.  The macro-micro dynamic often appears in my work, capturing one’s attention with graceful forms and then drawing one in to contemplate the details.

My intension is not to depict nature but to create images that reflect what it leaves me with--the sensations and memories.